TREEMAC Project Activities

Awareness campaigns



  The creation of a Cooperation Network among the TREEMAC Project partners to encourage the exchange of best practices in the field of biodiversity protection and conservation

  The creation of a study to define the methodology and monitoring system to be implemented for the conservation and management of natural spaces in the TREEMAC network

  The creation of Project Monitoring Commissions in each partner region, made up of leading local agents working to improve the conservation and management of natural spaces

  The development of Reforestation Actions for the regeneration and recuperation of degraded areas

  The creation of an Ecological Space of food-producing woodland in Adeje

  The establishment of a Monitoring System for the optimisation of conservation mechanisms of natural spaces

  Environment education presentations and workshops in education centres

  Transnational Exchange and Volunteering Programmes for Sustainable Interventions

  The celebration of Citizen Participation Open Days twice a year and World Forest Day in each region